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Here you will find details for the next upcoming workshops that I run both in person & online. These can be booked directly by clicking on the links below. 

I am available for private one on one workshops, so please feel free to reach out and enquire about this service.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Online Workshops

Interested in learning more about Mindfulness and Meditation? Two must have self care tools that helps to minimise burnout, increase happiness and provide balance in your life. 

Confused about how to implement it into you life or want to learn more about the practices of Mindfulness & Meditation?

Mindfulness is centred around a present state of mind and this workshop will allow you to explore how that best works in your life.

Learn tools to help you access mindfulness when you need it as well as exploring what meditation looks like for you. You will be guided through a meditation as well as provided with tools & resources for developing your own practice.

Price for online group workshop – please contact me for private one on one pricing.

Next workshop

– 14th May – 1pm NZT / 13th May 7pm EST

ONLINE via Microsoft Teams

Self Care & Self Worth

Online Workshops

Feeling tired from putting everyone else before yourself? Wanting to learn how to honour your needs & love yourself unconditionally?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Join me as we explore the theme of self love and how self care can become part of a regular practice within you life. We will explore why it can be difficult to prioritise ourselves, along with why it is so important to make self care part of your daily habits. You will learn about how setting up strong self care and ‘you’ time can help you to achieve more, help others more and feel more balanced throughout your day. 

Additionally to this we will explore the concept of self worth and how you can build this within yourself. 

Price for online group workshop – please contact me for private one on one rates.

Next workshop 

– 23rd Apr – 1pm NZT/22nd Apr – 7pm EST

ONLINE via Microsoft Teams