Self Care Gift Pack

Self Care Gift Pack

The Self Care Gift Pack has been created as the perfect Easter gift! It even has an Easter egg but none of the calories! This gift pack includes:

  • Amethyst – Known as the stone of spirituality and contentment, this crystal supports in calming the mind and is known for its peaceful energy. It is reportedly linked to providing you with deeper meditative abilities due to its connection to the crown chakra. As a result, the stability and balance this crystal can provide you is what makes its so popular! Mini flower included.
  • Rose Quartz bracelet – Known as a crystal for love, this stone is about promoting unconditional love, peace and compassion. Metaphysically, this stone creates an understanding of true love and promotes harmony within your personal relationships. Furthermore it opens your heart charkra to welcome in more love into your life in the highest and best way possible.
  • Selenite Egg – Selenite is a gorgeous crystal that is essential in every household! Metaphysically, it cleanses and purifies energy in order to align with your highest potential. As a result this can help with clearing your mind & concentration in life. It is also believed to be a useful crystal to use on your crown charkra in order to connect with you highest self. Selenite is excellent for purifying & charging the energy of other crystals. Approx weight 80g.
  • Smokey Quartz mini sphere – Seen to be a nurturing stone that helps expel negative emotions and bring peace back into the present moment. This sphere is a darker colouring and may contain rainbows within it. Approx 7g weight.

The Self Care Gift Pack pack come in a white organza bag for safe storage & transport.



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