Self Care 101 - DIY monthly self care planner

Self Care 101 - DIY monthly self care planner

Use this gorgeous DIY Monthly Self Care planner to schedule in a month of daily supportive habits & transform your routine!

Begin by writing in a self-care task in each square… use one square for every day of the month. Ideas you could use include:

  •  Taking yourself on a coffee date
  •  Soaking in the bath with essential oils
  •  Attending a Yoga class
  •  Meditation
  •  Making your favourite meal
  •  Turning your phone off and practising mindfulness with a cup of tea
  •  and so much more…

Every day, mark one of the squares off & give yourself the gift of time for yourself. By adding in daily self-care, you are honouring yourself and filling your cup back up!

Use this planner for 3 months to establish a daily routine of self-care moments

*Blank copy provided on download – completed copy available on request*