Self Care 101 - 80 Days of Habits template

Self Care 101 - 80 Days of Habits template

Use this gorgeous DIY 80 Days of Habits template to commit to 8 new habits that you want to form over 80 days. Each day you succeed gets marked off and by the end of your journey with this tracker you will have solid habits that are cemented into your daily routine.

Begin by writing what eight self care habits you are committing to daily. Ideas you could use include:

  •  Drinking 2L of Water
  •  Skincare routine morning & evening
  •  Exercise for 10 min
  •  Meditation for 10 min
  •  Eating 3 regular meals
  •  Turning screens off an hour before bed
  • Reading for 10 min
  • Cleaning for 10 min
  • Making your bed
  •  and so much more…

Every day, mark one of the squares off & give yourself the gift of time for yourself. By adding in daily self-care with this 80 days of habits template, you are honouring yourself and filling your cup back up!