Protect & Balance Gift Pack

Protect & Balance Gift Pack

The Protect & Balance crystal gift pack has a grounding, protecting and prophecy energy to it. This pack contains three gorgeous crystals that will help you in many ways:

  • Tourmaline Quartz – A combination of clear quartz with naturally occurring fragments of Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is believed to be able to transmute negative energy into positive vibrations. Clear quartz is known for amplifying ones energy and the environment around them. As a result the combination together provide you with a great shield stone that can protect its user and amplify positive vibrations. Approx 40g weight.
  • Smokey Quartz mini sphere – Seen to be a nurturing stone that helps expel negative emotions and bring peace back into the present moment. Approx 7g weight.
  • Prophecy Stone – This unique stone comes heritage is based in Egypt and the unique formations are a Limonite / Hematite pseudomorph following Marcasite. The original structure remains a Marcasite & Pyrite combination. However, this stone has undergone a complete transformation! It is considered to be very high vibration and metaphysically can aid the user in meditation. It also is believed that is can help the user with their third eye chakra to see visions of the future. Additionally, anecdotal reports from users who meditate regularly with this stone have provided feedback of extensive transformations in their lives. Approx. 30g weight(+/-).

The Protect and Balance gift pack come in a white organza bag for safe storage & transport.



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