Chakra Set with Selenite Wand

Chakra Set with Selenite Wand

Up for sale is the gorgeous Chakra Set with Selenite Wand is the perfect addition to any crystal lovers collection.

With a Selenite charging want that the crystals can sit on when not in use, this is a complete chakra set. The tumbles and wand are great to use in meditation practices or it makes a beautiful home decor item too!

The Chakra Set with Selenite Wand includes tumbles for each chakra:

– Clear Quartz for the Crown
– Amethyst for the Third Eye
– Sodalite for the Throat
– Green Adventurine for the Heart
– Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus
– Carnelian for the Sacral
– Black Obsidian for the Root

The Selenite Wand is also at least 10cm in length.

The tumbles in this set may vary slightly from the photo taken as each crystal is lovingly selected for you.


7 in stock (can be backordered)

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