meet Samantha


I found my passion for wellness when I was 23 and having what I called a quarter life crisis – yes they do exist!
I ended up employing a Wellness Coach to help me on my path, and through working with her I was able to find my purpose in life. What a gift!

From there, I went away and became a coach myself as I knew I wanted to help others. I was already working in the medical field (and I still do today) so I was able to use my coaching skills in my job daily. I knew I wanted to do more with it though… but what exactly?

It wasn’t until 2019 when I faced some health complications and symptoms of burnout that I truly learnt how I could best serve others within the Wellness space. I could see a rising demand for support to live a balanced life, and I knew I had something to offer.
So that’s what lead me here to today. A passion for health, wellness and finding your version of balance.

I have learnt that everyones’ idea of balance is slightly different. For me it is eating well and still having chocolate, spending time with my dog, and spending time taking care of myself daily. I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you to achieve whatever it is you want in life. 

I look forward to connecting soon.



Upcoming Events

Mindfulness & Meditation workshop

24 September, 2020

Have you heard about mindfulness? One of the latest must have self care tools that is meant to help you have it all!
Confused about how to implement it into you life or want to learn more about the practice?

Mindfulness is a state of mind and this workshop will allow you to explore how that best works in your life. Learn tools to help you access mindfulness when you need it as well as exploring what meditation looks like for you. You will be guided through a meditation as well as provided with tools & resources for developing your own practice.

Price for online group workshop – please contact me for private one on one pricing.

Next workshop – 24th September, 2020 – 7pm


Self Love & Self Care workshop

11th October, 2020

Feeling tired from putting everyone else before yourself? Wanting to learn how to honour your needs & love yourself unconditionally? then this is the workshop for you. 

Join me as we explore the theme of self love and how self care can become part of a regular practice within you life. We will explore why it can be difficult to prioritise ourselves, along with why it is so important to make self care part of your daily habits. You will learn about how setting up strong self care and ‘you’ time can help you to achieve more, help others more and feel more balanced throughout your day. 

Price for online group workshop – please contact me to enquire about private one on one rates.

Next workshop – 11th October, 2020 -11am